This wiki is pretty simple, it's all about making fun polls and getting to know each other well. As long as we follow these few guidelines, it should all be kept a civil, fun environment.

  • The question's topics should be appropriate. No sexual themed questions, questions encouraging illegal activities, or anything that might make the general community uncomfortable. 
  • Don't make questions in attempt to gain personal information! Any question where things like "Where do you live?" Will be deleted.
  • Try to make a poll on every page, even if it's a serious page! Try to work a fun poll in to it, like I did below!
  • Please keep all polls you make neat and categorized, there is already a lineup on categories you can use, and if you make a poll that doesn't seem to fit any categories, please make you own, or if it's especially random, categorize it as "Miscellaneous". 
  • Only minor swearing is allowed. 
  • Most importantly, have fun!
Did you read the rules?

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